Thanksgiving Star free paper pieced quilt block pattern

Thanksgiving Star quilt blockThanksgiving Star is a unique variation on the classic Maltese cross design. For this simple 12-inch finished size block, paper piece four of the 6-inch sections and assemble them as shown. Take care in choosing your colors to enhance the folded star effect — two shades of gold and two shades of red have been used here.

Download the PDF ThanksgivingStar quilt block pattern.

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Tea and Coffee Cups free paper pieced blocks

Here’s a collection of easy-as-pie tea and coffee cups to paper piece – each of the four designs is pieced as a single unit.  One 8” (20.3cm) or 10” (25.4cm) block makes a nice potholder or mug rug.  Piece a grouping of the four designs in different fabrics for a small hanging for your kitchen.  The patterns as given make 4” (10.2cm) cups, but you can easily enlarge or reduce the patterns when photocopying.

Tea & Coffee Cup quilt blocks

Tea & Coffee Cups

Several years ago, a group of friends and I each pieced 3 blocks for our coffee-klatch girlfriend Julie, who was moving away. The others had sewing but no paper piecing experience.  After a short demo from me, they were off and stitching cups for our mutual friend. I sewed our 6 blocks together into a mini hanging and machine quilted it, complete with steam rising from the cup tops, and it all turned out fabulous!  Julie was completely amazed and deeply touched by her very personal going away gift.

Download the free PDF Tea and Coffee Cups patterns and coloring pages (416K). 

 For more quilt-y tea party fun, download the free Grandma’s Tea Party mini-quilt pattern!

Jump For Joy! – a paper pieced quilt block pattern

jump for joy left and rightJump For Joy! is a terrific design for those unusual fabrics — batiks, ethnics, jazzy geometrics, or vintage ’50’s and ’60’s prints. Black will often make the perfect accent color. Try using multiple prints within the figure or within the background. Maybe you’ll even find a fabric with faces just the right size to fussy cut.

 Choose either a square block (full pattern) or rectangle (trim off the 1″ side pieces along the vertical dashed lines). Click here for the mirror image block

Just a few fun layout ideas, below, for using Jump For Joy!  Note that for many of these designs, you’ll need both right and left facing block designs.






Arabesque paper pieced quilt pattern

Arabesque paper pieced quiltThe dictionary defines arabesque as “a complex and ornate design of intertwined floral, foliate, and geometrical figures.” It’s a fitting name for this paper piecing pattern.  Continue reading

Candy Box Heart – free quilt block pattern to paper piece

Candy Box heart - a paper pieced quilt block patternThis easy-to-sew heart quilt block pattern was inspired by a luxurious red satin heart-shaped candy box I received one Valentine’s Day. The chocolates and the box are long gone, but the memory of them lives on in this versatile design.

Choose rich reds and roses for a sophisticated Valentine look. For fun, how about bright, funky geometrics? Soft, muted tones or romantic floral prints would also work well, as would those wonderfully cheerful 1930’s prints.

Since this design requires only a single foundation unit, you can paper piece it in no time!

Download the Candy Box Heart PDF pattern to create a 6-inch finished size block.

Jack-O-Lantern – a free paper pieced quilt pattern

Jack-O-Lantern quilt blockFor this EASY paper pieced Jack-O-Lantern block, choose 3 orange prints graded from light to dark, and a stem color that stands out well from the background fabric.  Spooooky!

Download the PDF 6-inch JackOLantern pattern.


Shown here with the Ghost block:

Ghosts & Jack-O-Lanterns quilt example

Ghost free paper pieced quilt block pattern

Ghost paper pieced quilt block patternWhooo-oooo —  a (not-so-spooky) Ghost quilt block for your Halloween projects!  To reduce shadowing by the black fabric when paper piecing the ghost, use a good quality white fabric. Trim all seam allowances so that the black seam allowance is slightly narrower than the white.

Download the PDF Ghost quilt block pattern


Ghosts & Jack-O-Lanterns quilt example

Ghosts with Jack-O-Lanterns blocks and a Candy Corn border

Star of the East – a free paper piecing quilt block pattern

star east pairThe paper pieced quilt block Star of the East is ideally suited for holiday projects, but with different color choices, the design can be used in a variety of ways. The asymmetric star block is sewn in 4 sections. Choose two shades of golden yellow for the star, and two of blue for the background.

Shown here are two variations for the background. In the first, the dark and medium shades of blue are alternated around the star. The second variation gives the illusion of a cross behind the star by placing the lighter shade of blue around the vertical and horizontal rays. It’s all in the fabric placement!

Download the 8×12 inch finished size PDF Star Of The East quilt block pattern

Parrot’s Puzzle – free quilt block pattern for paper piecing

Parrot's Puzzle quilt block - primary colorsThe Parrot’s Puzzle quilt block is a variation of the traditional Chinese Puzzle block, adapted for easy foundation piecing.  The Parrot’s Puzzle pattern PDF has pattern pieces for making a 6-inch finished size blocks and line drawings for you to color when planning your fabrics. When making a larger quilt, enlarge the block to at least 8 or 9 inches for quicker piecing and bolder pattern.

Below shows how the block above looks when set with together with a second block using green and orange in place of the red and blue.   

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Circle of Geese – free quilt block pattern for paper piecing

circle of geese WMI designed the Circle of Geese quilt block almost 15 years ago, and it has become, without doubt, my most popular design. And for good reason — It’s easy paper piecing with a spectacular effect!  Around the web, you’ll find the Circle of Geese block featured in blogs, block exchanges, and more.  For example, Christina at The Sometimes Crafter has done a fabulous paper piecing tutorial for this block on her blog. 

Although the pattern is free, please refer to my Terms of Use if you’re interested in teaching a class using this block, featuring it in a publication, or other not-strictly-for-personal use.  Thank you :-)

Download the free PDF Circle of Geese quilt block pattern.