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Nadia’s Tequila Sunrise mini quilt

Nadia Bekker of the Netherlands sent photos of the lovely mini quilt she sewed for her Creative Quiltmaking course with Linda and Laura Kemshall in the UK. For one of the modules, she had to make a miniature quilt, and chose my Tequila Sunrise quilt block pattern.  Here’s the end result – it’s simply stunning! (click on the photo for a closeup)

Tequila Sunrise miniature quilt by N Bekker

Tequila Sunrise miniature quilt by Nadia Bekker

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Hearts, Roses and Scotties

Suellen Mom's quilt made from paper piecing heart and roses quilt block patterns from Piece by NumberTo me, absolutely the best part about designing quilting patterns is seeing finished items made from my designs. It is soooo cool to open an email to find that someone’s sent me a photo of their latest creation! I get more than a little thrill knowing that my design provided a creative spark for its creator.

Whether it’s an unexpected choice of colors and fabric prints, or how the design is incorporated into an item (not just quilts, but all kinds of things!), I am constantly surprised and humbled to discover what clever and original things people do with my patterns. This is why I generally design block patterns, as opposed to complete quilt designs — blocks are literally building blocks (pun quasi-intended) for quilters. They provide a basic starting point for a quilter to build her project upon, while leaving plenty of creative space to develop and express her own ideas and tastes.

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Sherrie recently sent me this photo of her beautiful wall hanging based on my Sunflower block, made for a friend’s birthday. She enlarged the pattern to 43 x 26″, and says “I love using paper quilting patterns. It makes the job so much easier!”

Sunflower - paper piecing quilt block pattern by Piece By Number

I love Sherrie’s choice of colors, and the simplicity of the white background and borders really makes the sunflowers pop and glow. The inversion of the smaller leaf on the center block adds just a little unexpected twist – as does Mother Nature every day, every where. Lovely work, Sherrie – thanks for sharing!

The Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative (AAQI)

YellowRoseOfTexas made from Rosie's Rose paper piecing quilt block pattern by Piece By Number

(Updated July 2014:  Sady, I learned this wonderful initiative is no longer actively soliciting quilt donations. )

Today I received an email from Suzi, who purchased one of my patterns with the idea to make a little quilt for the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative (AAQI).  If you haven’t come across the AAQI in your travels around the web (or even if you have already!), I hope you’ll take a few minutes now to explore their interesting and well-designed site, and consider supporting their work in whatever way you can, however small.

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