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Paper Piecing Patterns for Quilters
Circle of Geese Paper Pieced Quilt Block
A Circle of Geese (Colorwheel Geese)

Easy paper piecing for a spectacular effect!  See some other possibilities for this block here.  


Christina at The Sometimes Crafter has done a fabulous paper piecing tutorial for this block on her blog! There’s also a Flickr photo group showing Circle of Geese projects in an amazing variety of fabric and setting choices.


Free paper piecing quilt block pattern

Click HERE for the PDF of the pattern.



IMPORTANT!: To ensure pattern size accuracy when printing from Adobe Reader, either:   


   1) Set "Page Scaling" to None (later versions of Reader) OR

  2) UNcheck the "Fit to Page" box (earlier versions of Reader).


After printing the pattern pages, verify the size accuracy using the "Print Size Check" arrow, which measures exactly 1" (2.54 cm) from tip to tip.