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Paper Piecing Patterns for Quilters


This project uses a fabric, not paper, foundation to add an extra layer of padding and stability for protecting the eyeglasses inside. Quilting cottons work very well for these cases, but since the cases won't likely be washed, consider using other fabrics as well, such as corduroy, cotton velveteen, heavy satins, Ultrasuede. Note that the lining is visible on the outside of the case since it "binds" the top edge, so select a coordinating print.


If the glasses to be stored in this case are unusually large (i.e. many sunglasses) or slim-line (such as reading magnifiers), resize the square accordingly before beginning.


(please read all directions thoroughly before beginning)


Supplies needed:



1) Print onto a piece of paper your selected 7" (finished size) square foundation pieced block pattern, such as Piece By Number's Rising Sun or Pine Tree patterns.


2) Cut foundation fabric about 8 x 8"; iron onto freezer paper. Place the paper block pattern (ink side facing you) behind the freezer paper (fabric side facing you) and staple all together at each corner. Tape onto a light table or sunny window. Trace the design onto fabric foundation with a fine-line Pigma permanent marker or laundry pen and a ruler. Leave 1/4" seam allowance around the block, marking it if desired. Remove fabric foundation and iron it with dry iron to set ink.


3) Foundation piece the block. When complete, sew a line of stabilizing stitching around the block in the 1/4" seam allowance. Trim square to seam allowance line.


4) Cut a piece of cotton batting same size as block and baste to wrong side. A quilt basting spray works well here. Quilt square as desired (avoiding seam allowances), by hand or machine; a backing fabric is not necessary.


5) Measure your block, which may be slightly less than 7-1/2" x 7-1/2" after quilting. Cut a rectangle of your lining fabric to this measurement, by 8-1/2". Right sides together, pin the shorter edge of the lining to the top edge of the foundation-pieced square. Sew a 1/4" seam, backstitching at beginning and end. Press seam with seam allowance toward lining. (Fig. 1)  


6) Fold lining and foundation-pieced square in half with long-edges aligned, right-sides together. Sew a 1/4" seam along the long-edge, starting from the bottom of the lining and backstitching to start. Stitch seam; turn the corner and sew along the bottom edge of the folded foundation-pieced square. Backstitch at the end. Reinforce corner with tiny stitches along seam. (Fig.2)


7) Carefully trim batting from seam allowances to reduce bulk. Trim corners near stitching at the bottom of the foundation pieced square. Turn right side out, using a long, blunt object (such as the handle of a large artist's brush) to help push out the bottom corners.

8) Turn 1/2" of the raw edge of the lining to the inside and press. Close the bottom of the lining by edge-stitching the folded edges by machine or by hand. (Fig. 3) Push lining to inside. The lining finishes the top edge of the case with a "binding" effect. Gently press top edge in place.  


9) At this point, you may:


Happy stitching!


Paper Pieced Eyeglasses Case

Pine Tree Eyeglass Case

front (left) and back (right)


Pine Tree Free Paper Piecing Quilt Block Pattern