Nadia’s Tequila Sunrise mini quilt

Nadia Bekker of the Netherlands sent photos of the lovely mini quilt she sewed for her Creative Quiltmaking course with Linda and Laura Kemshall in the UK. For one of the modules, she had to make a miniature quilt, and chose my Tequila Sunrise quilt block pattern.  Here’s the end result – it’s simply stunning! (click on the photo for a closeup)

Tequila Sunrise miniature quilt by N Bekker

Tequila Sunrise miniature quilt by Nadia Bekker

Nadia’s color choices are lovely and vibrant, with a strong contrast between the light lime greens, medium aquas and the royal purple that makes the design “pop!” However what really makes the mini quilt shine, in my opinion, is the masterful hand quilting. The lines radiating out from the purple pieces in the blocks, cutting across the borders, are just brilliant!  Overlapping quilted circles in the interior echo the near-circle of the block pattern. See her work close up below (click on images to see more detail):

Tequila Sunrise border hand quilting

Tequila Sunrise block center closeup

Tequila Sunrise hand quilting front

Tequila Sunrise hand quilting back

back of quilt, showing hand quilting detail

About this project, Nadia says, “In fact this quilt wasn’t about learning paperpiecing, I used the tecnique before. It was more to combine colors, to show your paperpiecing skills and to practice quilting…I didn’t run into difficulty while piecing the block, as long as you follow the lines carefully nothing can go wrong, although the smallest pieces were very small….”

Nadia made 4″ blocks (10x10cm) — wow, no wonder she said those pieces were  tiny! The whole quilt with borders is 24×24″ (59x59cm).  An incredible quilt, Nadia, one to definitely be proud of! Thank you so much for sharing your photos and allowing me to post them here.

For your free Tequila Sunrise quilt pattern, click here. Happy sewing!


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