Parrot’s Puzzle – free quilt block pattern for paper piecing

Parrot's Puzzle quilt block - primary colorsThe Parrot’s Puzzle quilt block is a variation of the traditional Chinese Puzzle block, adapted for easy foundation piecing.  The Parrot’s Puzzle pattern PDF has pattern pieces for making a 6-inch finished size blocks and line drawings for you to color when planning your fabrics. When making a larger quilt, enlarge the block to at least 8 or 9 inches for quicker piecing and bolder pattern.

Below shows how the block above looks when set with together with a second block using green and orange in place of the red and blue.   

Parrot's Puzzle quilt example - primary colors


The two examples below use the exact same block;  the only difference is how the blocks are arranged.  Which do you prefer?

Parrot's Puzzle quilt example - pastels version 1

pink mint parrots 2w

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  1. Nancy

    different, unique, thanks for the wonderful patterns. Looking forward to trying my hand at paper piecing

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