Petite Posies – finished! (Part 2)

I finished my Petite Posies mini-quilt yesterday (see original blog post), and wanted to share of few of the details with you!

My idea was to have a very uncomplicated border, so as not to compete with or draw attention away from those wonderful 30’s flowers.  Binding or no binding?  Finally I decided on a simple turned-under edge, made with the so-called pillowcase technique (find a terrific tutorial in Quilting Daily’s free e-book Quilt Binding and Finishing Methods.)

Auditioning potential border fabrics took awhile, but eventually I whittled the choices down to these two. I decided the floral worked best, in keeping with the overall floral theme; the diagonal check became the backing.  Both are modern reproduction fabrics.

border fabric choices for Petite Posies

Briefly, here’s what I did:

1) Cut and sew the border to the piecework, press. Place the top onto the batting (thin Warm n’ Natural cotton) and baste. (With quilts that will be washed, I generally use spray basting adhesive.  Here I choose to hand-baste as I’m not sure what the adhesive does to fabrics long-term, particularly old ones, when it’s not washed out).  Trim the batting to the exact size of the top.

2) Cut a piece of backing fabric the exact size of the top, then trim an ADDITIONAL 1/4″ all around.

3)  With a rotary cutter, cut a 4″ on-grain slash (larger quilts will need larger slashes) in the backing where the label will eventually go.

4)  Right sides together, pin the backing to the top/batting. Since the backing is now technically “too small”, you’ll need to ease the top’s edges to fit the smaller backing’s edges.  Sew a 1/4″ seam all around to join the top, batting and backing, reinforcing corners.  Trim the batting from the seam allowance as close to stitching as possible, and clip corners.

turning the quilt inside out

5)  Turn the quilt right-side-out through the slash in the backing.  Here’s what it looked like half-way turned:







6) Press the quilt flat, carefully and firmly pressing all edges.  Because the backing is slightly smaller than the top, the top/border fabric “rolls” slightly over the edges to the back:

favored edges

This is called “favoring” the edge. The backing fabric doesn’t show at all from the front, and hardly if you look at the quilt edge-wise.

7) After pressing, tuck a strip of fusible web just inside/under the slash to fuse it closed before starting to quilt. (Hand-basting also works.) The label will hide the slash completely when the quilt’s done.

8) Time to quilt!

machine quilting with post-it note guide

Quilting was all by machine – a simple “X” through each flower.  I used a double-thickness post-it as my stitching guide. This was much easier and cleaner than marking, and more accurate than eyeball-ing it.

Vintage mother of pearl buttons add the finishing touch to the flower centers, stitched in place with pearl cotton.

Petite Posies finished with buttons

Label added and ready to display. So cute!