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Paper Piecing Patterns for Quilters
Paper Pieced Petite Posies Mini-Quilt

A Petite Posies mini-quilt is perfect for a quick cheerful little gift, with the added benefit of using up some of your most colorful scraps! Add a button or cluster of tiny beads in the center of each blossom if you wish.


Alternate Blocks A and B side by side for the overall project size and proportions you want. (The drawing above shows 4 pairs of A and B blocks for an 8" x 8" finished square.)


Use the coloring page to plan your fabric and color placement before beginning to sew the blocks. There's also a handy construction diagram at the bottom of the page.

Petite Posies
Petite Posies Paper Piecing Pattern Pieces

Free paper piecing quilt block pattern