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Knight’s Knot – free paper pieced quilt block pattern

Knight's Knot paper pieced quilt block

2 variations – interwoven center (left), and open center (right)

Knight’s Knot offers wonderful design possibilities! However, it does require some care in selecting colors and setting arrangements to highlight the optical illusion of an intricately folded ribbon knot. Don’t overlook those nice squares in the centers of each pieced unit — how about using them for signatures, or fussy-cut prints for an “I Spy” quilt? And of course, a Knight’s Knot block would be a very nice addition to any sampler quilt.  Download the Knight’s Knot PDF pattern.

In general, Knight’s Knot blocks are most effective with sashing strips to separate them, as in the blue and black example, left.  By alternating highly contrasting blocks (i.e. light/dark values or warm/cool colors), it is possible to effectively set the blocks without sashing (middle image).  In the on-point block version (right),  the different values of the sashing pieces create a second-level optical illusion of 3-D enclosing walls around each block. The cornerstones are simply half-triangle squares.

Click on thumbnails below for larger images:

My inspiration for the Knight’s Knot block was painted on a wall in the beautiful 13th century Chateau de Chillon near Montreux, Switzerland, setting of the famous Byron poem, “Prisoner of Chillon.” Sitting right at the water’s edge of Lake Geneva, the castle is well worth a half-day visit if you’re in the area.

Chateau de Chillon near Montreux, Switzerland, setting of the famous Byron poem Prisoner of Chillon.  Well worth a visit!