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Knight’s Knot – free paper pieced quilt block pattern

Knight's Knot paper pieced quilt block

2 variations – interwoven center (left), and open center (right)

Knight’s Knot offers wonderful design possibilities! However, it does require some care in selecting colors and setting arrangements to highlight the optical illusion of an intricately folded ribbon knot. Don’t overlook those nice squares in the centers of each pieced unit — how about using them for signatures, or fussy-cut prints for an “I Spy” quilt? And of course, a Knight’s Knot block would be a very nice addition to any sampler quilt.  Download the Knight’s Knot PDF pattern.

In general, Knight’s Knot blocks are most effective with sashing strips to separate them, as in the blue and black example, left.  By alternating highly contrasting blocks (i.e. light/dark values or warm/cool colors), it is possible to effectively set the blocks without sashing (middle image).  In the on-point block version (right),  the different values of the sashing pieces create a second-level optical illusion of 3-D enclosing walls around each block. The cornerstones are simply half-triangle squares.

Click on thumbnails below for larger images:

My inspiration for the Knight’s Knot block was painted on a wall in the beautiful 13th century Chateau de Chillon near Montreux, Switzerland, setting of the famous Byron poem, “Prisoner of Chillon.” Sitting right at the water’s edge of Lake Geneva, the castle is well worth a half-day visit if you’re in the area.

Chateau de Chillon near Montreux, Switzerland, setting of the famous Byron poem Prisoner of Chillon.  Well worth a visit!

Petite Posies Mini-Quilt, Part 1

The latest work in progress, made with some of my oldest fabric – a miniature quilt of vintage cottons from the 1930’s and 40’s. It’s made with my Petite Posies freebie pattern (available here), with an extra row of posies added. The pieced part is 8×10″ (finished size), and there’ll be a narrow 1″ border all around with a self-binding and very minimal quilting. I wanted to share it with you now, because if I wait until it’s totally done, you may never see it!

Petite Posies paper pieced mini-quilt

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Woven Ribbons – a free paper piecing quilt block pattern

Woven Ribbons paper pieced quilt blockThe rather simple Woven Ribbons paper piecing block makes a quilt which looks deceptively complex, with an effect similar to caned chair seats. You’ll need 8 different colors for the “ribbons”, plus a background fabric which doesn’t compete for attention with the other fabrics. Batiks and hand-dyeds are especially recommended for this design. Continue reading

Tequila Sunrise – a free paper piecing quilt block pattern

Tequila Sunrise paper pieced quilt blockI named this paper pieced quilt block after the well-known drink, due to the off-beat way the rays emanate from the center “sun.” Maybe the sunrise looks like that after a really rough night :-)

In any case, this block is entirely paper pieced in one section. The “circle” is, in fact, a 15-sided shape, not appliquéd. When Tequila Sunrise blocks are placed side-by-side in different arrangements, interesting things happen because of the combination of the circle with the long ray shapes.

Tequila Sunrise quilt, pastels version Continue reading

Mama Cat and Baby in Basket – a free paper piecing pattern

Mama Cat and Kitten in Basket paper pieced quilt block patternA companion basket quilt block to the Bow-Tie Kitty in Basket block.  Include one in your basket sampler quilt, or make a little girl happy by sewing one block into a simple purse.

The PDF pattern gives block assembly instructions and includes line drawings of the block so you can experiment with your own coloring ideas, using your favorite colored pencils or markers.

Add the face and whisker detailing with embroidery or fabric paint/markers (click here for some tips). Note that the basket bottom (the bottom half-triangle) of this block is interchangeable with the Bow-Tie Kitty’s basket.

Click for the PDF 6” (15.2 cm) MamaCat&BabyInBasket pattern.

Bow-Tie Kitty in Basket – a free paper piecing pattern

Cat in a Basket quilt blockFeature this adorable bow-tied cat in a basket paper pieced quilt block as the central medallion of your next baby or toddler quilt (enlarge to 18” or even 24” at your local copyshop) – meow!

To reduce the number of seam lines cutting across design elements, you’ll be sewing together partially-pieced pattern sections and then finishing the paper piecing in a subsequent step. The process is only slightly more fussy than the usual method of sewing together completely pieced pattern sections, but the final quilt block looks so much better!

Add the cat’s face and whisker detailing with embroidery or fabric paint/markers (click here for some great ideas).  For a simpler basket, use the bottom triangle of the Mama Cat and Baby in Basket block – the two pattern pieces are interchangeable.

Here’s the PDF 6” (15.2 cm) Bow-Tie Kitty in Basket paper piecing pattern: BowTieKitty-PieceByNumber

Honey Bee – a free paper piecing pattern

double honeybeeSew a whole hive of sweet honeybees with this free paper piecing quilt block pattern suitable for adventurous beginners.  The pattern provides both 3- and 6-inch versions, and the 3-inch Honeybee block is a perfect addition to my Escaping Bugs Bottle Quilt pattern, available in my Etsy shop.

If you like, embroider her antennae with black floss, or use a fabric paint pen instead. Read here for some tips on adding embroidery to paper pieced blocks.

Download the free PDF HoneyBee pattern.

Pansy – free paper pieced flower quilt pattern

Pansy paper pieced quilt block


This sweet little Pansy block is a perfect design for the Miniature Garden Maze or any other floral quilt or project.  Try a single block for a jacket pocket, potholder, or all-occasion greeting card.  The free quilt block pattern provides 3-inch and 6-inch versions of the pansy flower design.

Download the Pansy block pattern PDF

Where are the free patterns?

Iris - free paper pieced quilt block pattern from Piece By NumberIf you’ve visited my site before, you may have noticed it now looks a bit different.  I’m gradually transitioning all the pages to WordPress, which will make it much easier to add new content and (eventually) update existing content.

You can find my older free paper piecing patterns by clicking on the Free Patterns tab at the top of this page. New freebies will be posted as posts (or “Articles”) – you’ll find them by clicking on the Free Patterns category in the sidebar at the right. Happy sewing!

99 Bottles

beer bottle - a free paper piecing quilt block pattern from Piece By NumberMy son and I got to singing that old camp favorite “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” (and some of its even sillier variations) while goofing around recently.   Later that day, I was trying to come up with some new block design ideas, and inspiration struck — a new kind of bottle quilt!  Drafting the bottle pattern was quite easy.  Less obvious was how to arrange the bottles to make a reasonably proportioned quilt while still incorporating 99 blocks (3 rows of 33 bottles just isn’t a useful proportion for anything but a looong table runner!).  I’m pleased with this layout.  The 99th bottle, of course, does not fit on the shelves, and so it sits on the “floor”.  I guess that’s the one that got taken down and passed around.

If you want to make your own quilt, click here for the PDF pattern plus the dimensions of the bottles, sashings and borders (but no instructions) to make a quilt about 67 x 76″.  The bottle labels are perfect for using large scale and novelty prints — fussy cut them to resemble real beverage bottle labels.  You could even add the names of your favorite beverages with fabric markers or embroidery.  I chose the same bottle green color for all the bottles, to show up on a black background while not overly competing with the labels, but of course other color schemes could work just as well.

If you make something with this block, be sure to add a photo of it to our Flickr group  :-)

EQ7 users can download the EQ7 project file here if you’d like to play around with layout ideas and fabric choices. (I had to zip it so you can download it – hope that’s not a problem for anyone.)

*clink*   Cheers!