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Enlarge or Reduce ANY Size Block Pattern

children small to big

One of the many advantages of paper piecing is how easy it is to make blocks whatever size you need, simply with the help of any photocopier or nowadays, most home printers. When you are ready to copy or print the block pattern to create your foundations, input the correct resizing percentage into the machine:  percentages larger than 100 will enlarge the pattern (make it bigger);  percentages smaller than 100 will reduce the pattern (make it smaller). Continue reading

Resizing printed PDF patterns with Adobe Reader XI

If you’ve ever wanted to print your PDF foundation patterns (or any other PDF file, for that matter) at the exact size you need from your home printer, then wait no more. The latest version of Adobe Reader, Adobe Reader XI, lets you do exactly that and lots of other cool printing tricks. I’ve been playing around with it a little, and want to share what I’ve found so far with you (though there’s probably lots more to discover). If you don’t have the latest version, download it for FREE from Adobe’s website here.

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