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Candy Box Heart – free quilt block pattern to paper piece

Candy Box heart - a paper pieced quilt block patternThis easy-to-sew heart quilt block pattern was inspired by a luxurious red satin heart-shaped candy box I received one Valentine’s Day. The chocolates and the box are long gone, but the memory of them lives on in this versatile design.

Choose rich reds and roses for a sophisticated Valentine look. For fun, how about bright, funky geometrics? Soft, muted tones or romantic floral prints would also work well, as would those wonderfully cheerful 1930’s prints.

Since this design requires only a single foundation unit, you can paper piece it in no time!

Download the Candy Box Heart PDF pattern to create a 6-inch finished size block.

Friendship Heart – a free paper pieced quilt block pattern

Friendship Heart paper pieced quilt blockThis little heart quilt block is great for all kinds of projects with signatures or quotations, not just Valentine’s Day. Sew a single block as a very personal present for a dear friend, or a remembrance quilt documenting a special event, such as a family reunion or wedding shower.

Use a water-erase marker to divide a piece of plain cotton into correctly-sized strips for your signatories to sign. This way, if they mess up, it’s not on a finished block and they can easily try again.  Alternatively, if you’re good with computers and graphics manipulation, people can sign onto a plain sheet of white paper.  Scan the signatures, resizing as needed, and then print them out onto printable fabric sheets.

A single Friendship Heart block would work well as a quilt label for the back of your next project.

Click on the link for the PDF pattern of the block in both 6″ and 3″ finished sizes: FriendshipHeart-PieceByNumber. The little quilt graphic below shows one possible layout using this fun and easy quilt block.   

Friendship Heart Quilt. showing one possible layout with this block

Kitty Love, a free paper pieced heart quilt block

Kitty Love paper pieced quilt block patternMiaow!

If you love felines, you’ll enjoy stitching this simple heart block pattern. The eyes, nose, mouth and whiskers are added using your choice of applique, embroidery or permanent fabric markers.

For the PDF pattern to make a 6″ finished size cat quilt block:   KittyLove-PieceByNumber

For some great ideas to easily add embroidery and embellishments to your paper pieced blocks, click here.

Kitty Love Quilt