Tea and Coffee Cups free paper pieced blocks

Here’s a collection of easy-as-pie tea and coffee cups to paper piece – each of the four designs is pieced as a single unit.  One 8” (20.3cm) or 10” (25.4cm) block makes a nice potholder or mug rug.  Piece a grouping of the four designs in different fabrics for a small hanging for your kitchen.  The patterns as given make 4” (10.2cm) cups, but you can easily enlarge or reduce the patterns when photocopying.

Tea & Coffee Cup quilt blocks

Tea & Coffee Cups

Several years ago, a group of friends and I each pieced 3 blocks for our coffee-klatch girlfriend Julie, who was moving away. The others had sewing but no paper piecing experience.  After a short demo from me, they were off and stitching cups for our mutual friend. I sewed our 6 blocks together into a mini hanging and machine quilted it, complete with steam rising from the cup tops, and it all turned out fabulous!  Julie was completely amazed and deeply touched by her very personal going away gift.

Download the free PDF Tea and Coffee Cups patterns and coloring pages (416K). 

 For more quilt-y tea party fun, download the free Grandma’s Tea Party mini-quilt pattern!

5 thoughts on “Tea and Coffee Cups free paper pieced blocks

    1. Beth Post author

      Thanks so much for posting your version – very creative and colorful, love it! And also thank you for noting the slight error in the teacup. I’ve now updated the PDF to show the correct numbering; hope it didn’t cause you any problems. Happy quilting!

  1. Ginny Aldexander

    Thank you a million times over! I’m disabled and on a fixed budget. Therefore not able to pay for the auilt patterns. So God bless you for posting the patterns free!!!

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