Tequila Sunrise – a free paper piecing quilt block pattern

Tequila Sunrise paper pieced quilt blockI named this paper pieced quilt block after the well-known drink, due to the off-beat way the rays emanate from the center “sun.” Maybe the sunrise looks like that after a really rough night :-)

In any case, this block is entirely paper pieced in one section. The “circle” is, in fact, a 15-sided shape, not appliquéd. When Tequila Sunrise blocks are placed side-by-side in different arrangements, interesting things happen because of the combination of the circle with the long ray shapes.

Tequila Sunrise quilt, pastels version
There’s lots of opportunity to change the look of this block simply in the arrangement of colors in the rays. The above quilt has rays of color-blocked groups. Another possibility is to use a gradated series of one color in the rays, with the color compliment for the circle. Or a gradated color spectrum. Or…

Tequila Sunrise - Crazy Eyes variationThe layout above is named “Crazy Eyes” for obvious reasons! Here, the alternating black rays with two primary colors create an op-art effect. However, the same setting done in three muted colors would also be very beautiful, still with a strong graphic feel but less overwhelming.

A construction note: Piece 2 of the pattern is very small but is still needed to complete the circle illusion. You may wish to use the same color for pieces 2 and 3 as individually they are too small to be design elements.

Get out your colored pencils and try some color variations of your own on the coloring page included. Cut the blocks apart to experiment with other settings of the block. Maybe pour yourself a liquid Tequila Sunrise for added inspiration? Cheers!

Download the free 6-inch finished size Tequila Sunrise PDF pattern.