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Paper Piecing Patterns for Quilters



Free Paper Piecing Block and Quilt Patterns:
Terms of Use

   * Personal Use: Permission is granted to individuals to use the copyrighted patterns, designs, and written information offered on Piece By Number's web site for personal use only (including gifts). Individuals may share these patterns with friends and guild members in their original form (as printed from the internet) with the Piece By Number name, web site address and copyright statement intact.


     Permission for personal use also includes the making, display and photography of a quilt or pieced project from one of my patterns/designs for a show or competition. Please credit Piece By Number as the source of the design.


   * Making Items for Sale: Quilters and crafters may create a maximum of two items for sale of any free block pattern or quilt design on Piece By Number's web pages without charge or requesting further permission. If more than two items will be made for sale with any block pattern or quilt design, then a licensing fee is required for that use, either a percentage of sales or an annual licensing fee for unlimited use during a calendar year.


     The percentage of sales fee is three percent (3%) of the retail selling price of the items made. Alternatively, for a small home-based business, the annual licensing fee is US$80, covering the use of any and all of the free patterns available on Piece By Number's web site. For larger-scale creation or wholesaling of items made with Piece By Number patterns and designs, please contact me.


     These conditions and rates apply only to the free patterns on these web pages, and do NOT include the use of any current or future Piece By Number retail patterns, or any component blocks thereof.  Use of Piece By Number retail patterns for commercial purposes requires separate licensing fee negotiation -- please contact me.


   * Classes and Workshops: Piece By Number's free patterns and designs may be used by teachers for classes and workshops, under the following conditions. If the class or workshop is being offered by a guild or a shop, whether or not the teacher receives payment for the instruction, the cost per block pattern per student is US $2.00. For the Double Dutch Rose and Grandma's Tea Party quilt patterns, the cost is US $5.00 per student.  Teachers who wish to use one of Piece By Number's patterns or quilt designs to teach children (under the age of 18) may do so without charge or requesting further permission.


   * Making Items for Charity or Donation: Quilt guilds and other quilt groups may use Piece By Number's free patterns/designs to make quilts and other items for charity without charge or requesting further permission, either to give the items made directly to those in need, or to create items used to raise money (such as a raffle) for charitable purposes. This does NOT include the use as fundraisers for guild activities.


   * Links to Other Web Pages: Links from your web pages to Piece By Number pages are very much welcomed! However, the lifting of any patterns, graphics or instructions from my site for incorporation into other web pages or any other media is prohibited without prior written permission from Piece By Number.


   * Guild or Shop Newsletters: Quilt guilds and shops are welcome to include a single Piece By Number block pattern or quilt design in their newsletters, provided that the Piece By Number name, web site address, and copyright statement are included with the pattern/design and are clearly legible. I appreciate the opportunity to provide a high-quality printed copy of the pattern for use in the newsletter instead of using one printed directly off the web, and also would appreciate receiving a copy of the newsletter in which my pattern/design appears -- however, these are not absolute requirements.


   * Sales as Patterns or in Kits: Reproduction and distribution of Piece By Number patterns and designs for sale, or for inclusion in kits for sale (for example, on eBay or Etsy) are expressly prohibited without prior written permission from Piece By Number.



Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with my Terms of Use. Without it, I wouldn't be able to continue offering free patterns!


Many of Piece By Number's original block patterns and quilt designs are distributed freely on this web site for quilters to enjoy sewing them and using the finished items in their homes or giving them as gifts. However, my patterns and designs are protected by international copyright law and certain restrictions govern their use. Please contact me if your situation is not covered below.