Woven Ribbons – a free paper piecing quilt block pattern

Woven Ribbons paper pieced quilt blockThe rather simple Woven Ribbons paper piecing block makes a quilt which looks deceptively complex, with an effect similar to caned chair seats. You’ll need 8 different colors for the “ribbons”, plus a background fabric which doesn’t compete for attention with the other fabrics. Batiks and hand-dyeds are especially recommended for this design.

Here’s what the block looks like set into a quilt:

Woven Ribbons Paper Piecing Quilt sample

Use coloring page included in the pattern to experiment with your own color ideas. Note that to achieve the woven effect in a quilt, the colors of the diagonal ribbons must be switched in the alternating blocks.

The block has 4 pieced sections, and a center square. First, foundation piece the four sections. Baste the center square’s fabric onto the foundation square. This will ensure best results when sewing the center square to the pieced sections. Assemble the block using the partial seam technique.

Download the free WovenRibbons-PieceByNumber PDF pattern here.